Керівник: Мудрішаємо разом. Керуймо ефективно!

Про нас

Керівник. Для когось – це класна посада на якій можна не працювати, а все звалювати на підлеглих (якщо це не ваш бізнес), для когось – це неймовірно відповідально і важко, а хтось вже не може уявити свого життя без постійного розвитку і керівник – це для нього вже не посада, а щось більше. Можливість створювати, розвивати, мислити масштабно. Наш сайт для тих, хто є або хоче стати саме таким справжнім Керівником. Управлінцем у громаді: починаючи від керівника товариства співласників житла, закінчуючи лідером квартального комітету, НГО чи благодійного фонду. Толковим менеджером у бізнесі. Лідером політичних симпатій.

Мови сайту: українська, російська, англійська. На них друкуються матеріали, панель управління, приймаються коментарі. Языки сайта: украинский, русский, английский.

About site “Kerivnyk” and expert consulting network ZEON

“Kerivnyk”. For some – a cool job where you can not work, and everything fell on subordinates (if it is not your business), for someone – this is incredibly responsible and difficult, and someone can no longer imagine his life without constant development and director – is not only the post, but something more. Ability to create, develop, think big. Our site for anyone who is or wants to be just such a true leader.

Site languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. There are printed materials, control panel, comments are accepted. Site Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Expert Advisory Network SEON – This is an informal union of individuals and judicial persons working in the areas of consulting (business, educational and municipal). At present the network includes the NGO “Analytical Center City Development” SEON “, about 20 experts in different areas, including candidates and doctors of economics, current business leaders and local authorities.

If you are a businessman, politician or community activist then we have to offer you, using what you will be satisfied! Read all proposals to end and you will find one that you need!


Training, seminars, consulting, individual coaching, intellectual games of SEON.

1. Training “Strategic development of an organization” unique method of work. 2 days full-time training + 5 days of consultations on the Internet.

Annotation. If the ship does not know the final port of arrival – no wind will  be favorable. To build a strategy for NGO you need to have willingness, people and the final port of sailing. Two-day training will help you get the method by which your NGO only in a week will have a clear roadmap and concrete answers to the question: What is our ultimate goal, which goals we follow, how they can be achieved and what we need for this. And it will not be just a plan, it will be a super plan for 3-5 years with a completely real people, funding sources and dates of execution. All that is left – is to have this document and to do every day. Download your head during the 7 days, in order to swim 3-5 years successfully!

2. Training “Building effective teamwork”

Annotation. You think that 10 activists in one place at one time is good? Well, if it is sports or festival, and if it is necessary to solve very specific tasks of NGO there should be those who perform different roles. What is the role and who can perform the best? This question will answer our training seminar.

3. Creative training – testing “Harmonious development of personality, carrier planning”

Annotation. Life is the only and the better you plan it, the sooner you will reach success, and the rest of time you will harvest the fruits of your successful life, and will not wander roundabout eternal question of choice and uncertainty.

4. Training “Strategic planning for the community.” We also can work with community development strategy as a performer, co-performer, expert, consultant.

5. Training, seminar, methodical seminar “Analysis of policies, programs, plans for communities.” Provides training for the customer who will monitor the programs and plans, with technical, socio-political and legal perspectives.

6. Individual coaching for top-managers and managers

Annotation. Private lessons at a convenient time. Purpose is the only – to find and eliminate all obstacles that hinder to achieve the desired goal. This is not a consultations, but rather a question of trainer, coach, assistant, that force himself to find the correct answers and bestir to action. This is talks about life, work and human values and positioning them in an important order for you. Coaching – is a friendly shoulder, which allows you to solve your problem. Why do top managers and leaders? Because they determine many decisions, they are often affected by depression or workaholism. Among people they always say that they are okay and they have nobody to confess about what tortures them or hinders to develop. This is what for personal coaches are – personal assistants to reach a success are.

7. Seminar-training “How to prepare a press release, presentation, successful performance”

8. Conducting researches and monitoring projects. We perform these works on request.

9. Analysis of economical expediency of project proposals. We perform these works on request.

10. Information consulting through remote form of communication. Search, information processing, preparation of analytical reports and researches on your preferred subjects. Advice through Skype, e-mail.

In our arsenal of organizing and conducting seminars, public lectures, workshops, interactive groups, expert working groups, brainstorming, social studies, visual diagnostics.

Customized themes, which have experts of  SEON:

The mechanism of the successful functioning of housing in small and medium-sized cities.

Long-term successful work on the result. Building a career.

Lobbying campaigns for social facilities and joint projects. Organization and support.

We operate all over Ukraine, using all modern forms of communications.

Form and theme of sessions, consultations, trainings can be changed from time frames and multiple customers.

The standard version of the training imply 1-2 days visit to the customer, room is equipped with all necessary for a good meeting, 1-2 our coaches, the proposed accommodation options and logistics.

There are variants: seven-day camps, tutoring, distance communication.

Contact: tel.067-3638272,  mail [email protected]

We do not work with everyone we work with those who want to achieve results!

We offer cooperation in the following areas:

1. Analytical Centre of City Development “SEON” is always glad to meet new members, volunteers, partners. To implement their own projects, organization of joint programs. Office of ZEON .Zdolbuniv, Nezalezhnosti St. 11, Rivne region, Ukraine. Can be possible joint grant application, lobbying campaigns, youth, educational and environmental projects. Started working Game Club (desktop, intellectual games)

2. We are ready to print your interesting materials on the subject of the site. Send them to our e-mail [email protected]

3. We will place information about you if our banners, materials will be on your site, blog, similar to our themes.

Expert and consulting network “ZEON” tel.067-363-82-72

Skype Analitik_Rivne E-mail: [email protected]

Proposal for NGO, community organizations, activists

Non-governmental organizations – are a great power, because there are most active, progressive, responsible people. But even such activists often lack the specific knowledge, skills in managing their own NGO, to support the existence and development. Therefore, as in business after one, two successful projects, many NGOs or disappear or lose their momentum. To avoid this with your community organization you need to self-develop, self-improve constantly. One way to achieve new heights are invited consultants, experts to help you quickly and efficiently to rise GO to new heights, to master new types of services. To achieve success is difficult but possible. To stay on top of success is much harder. But with a trusted advisor, Specialist who has time and desire to solve your problems is a lot easier. You want to be first and the best in your sphere in the region? Then contact the Expert Advisory Network SEON! SEON is a recognized provider of services for GO (you can check on the sites GURT, UNITER). This confirms the recognition of visitors and the First Fair of Investment Development in Khmelnytskiy. We offer advantageous cooperation of three parties: we, you and the community! (A list of our trainings at the top)

Unique services Expert Advisory Network ZEON

We work exclusively on the result.

For us important is case on five thousand and on a million.

Our team (list of experts) is a collected experience of managers and economists, as well as politicians and scientists. This allows you to make informed, scientifically and practically workable solutions including reaction of control organs of the government.

We never offer illegal schemes of work.

Our experience includes collaboration with private companies and public-sector institutions, we have successfully implemented projects supported by international funds.

We work under contracts all over the country.

We have the personnel to work in your organization.

Expert Advisory Network SEON – a voluntary non-formal union of professionals that understand how to solve problems in business, public and municipal environments.

SEON – means the biblical city of the future.

There is a Game Club for youth in SEON.

If you used our services, you can pay for them in different ways.

Also we have a program of assistance of clients in the selection of financial, insurance and other business services. Therefore we are interested in making the agency agreements with banks, insurance, evaluation, leasing companies and other similar structures.

We look forward to a beneficial cooperation!

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